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Who Says Space Isn’t Important…

There is a race going and we are not part of it and we all know if you’re not in a race, you can’t be a winner and that is on many fronts.  As Asia’s current space race could also … Continue reading

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A Mid-Life Crises Indian Style…

A recent Economist article got me to thinking about this topic as all things have cycles and this is what this blog is here to discuss as being human animals we not only create these cycles, yet live within their … Continue reading

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Gendercide, the New Dirty Truth…

A recent article in the Economist caught my personal attention as it shared current census data from India which exposed a scary trend if you will.  As the statistics documented that the numbers of female births are on the decline … Continue reading

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China is clearly going to take the driver’s seat in global car purchases, at least per a story in the Economist online edition article titled “China Takes Pole” which shares the details that more vehicles are to be sold in … Continue reading

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