The Perfect You, Maybe…

Couldn't have said it any better myself...

Was thinking the other day as what would the perfect “me” be like?  Hey, look a new self help book pops out of the mill almost every week which tells me I’m not living half of my life or maybe I’m living it too much and need to slow down.  Also who is this Timothy Ferriss guy anyway who’s telling me I need to work a 4 hour Work week and have a 4 Hour body any way?  Also while I’m thinking about it, how come you don’t see that big guy around anymore, aah what’s his name yes Antony Robins?  Remember him trying to sell you a bunch of tapes to awake your inter-giant while jumping around on stage with one of those Madonna mic-sets?

Then there are all these TV shows which also seem point to our lacking life’s like the Kardashian girls have anything going for them other than their big butts.  Then there is the checkout line rag paper which use to advertise some celebrity was giving birth to space aliens out of wedlock.    Instead, today they promote how fat we are, while offering this to die for triple chocolate cake recipe on page 36 as our taste buds deserve it.  Then there is Dr Phil, who is bound to find something wrong with our psyche and he lives the dream life with Robin and lives right sleeping in twin beds Lucy & Ricky style.

So I ask you, why can’t we just be happy?  Oh that’s right there is a book for that to, yes The Secret to Happiness or was it Happiness Happens, no it’s the Big Book of Happiness.   Aah the heck with it with as I will just be happy on my own sitting here watching the leaves turn colors and fall slowly to the ground as they are rustled by the autumn breeze.  Yea my doctor says I need to lose a few pounds as I’m not getting any younger; however I’m ok with it.  But the grand kids will be here tomorrow and its suppose to be sunny this weekend so it will make for a nice walk in the park.

You know after thinking about it, life is pretty simple as its only what you make out of it.  So if you make it crappy, you’re going to get crappy.  If you make it happy, well you get the idea and after the thousands I spent on self help books, well let’s say I donated them all to a better cause, the library…

About Joseph Campbell

As a strong believer in the fact that "people work for people", it has been a life driver to better to understand the complexities of the various aspects which drive efficiency within this axiom, especially the concepts of leadership. Supporting this, I have been fortunate enough to having experienced this as leader on a global basis over the last decade and half. During this time it has been clear there are three core drivers being Life, Leadership and Economics.
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