What’s Your Life Worth…

The Looking Glass...

While sitting in the hotel the other evening, was watching the Glen Beck show, where something hit me at the gut level which was unsettling as he was taking aim at the backscatter radiation machines now located in the airports.  He was saying that you know those pictures no matter what the governments says are out there forever!   This got me thinking does he have something that we don’t, is he “more” special than the rest of us, does his family love him more, is his life worth more than ours?

Unfortunately I see it all the time, yes ignorance as it tends to run rampant out there and even more so where people gather in mass in one place, yes like the airport as remember when you step through that machine much like Lewis Carrols Looking Glass, you become special.   Because it’s at this point you stop being an “individual” and you join a “group“.  As if you still need an analogy, this would be a kin to your wild and crazy days where your “reckless abandonment” stood primarily (we hope) to harm only you, however as you grew older, maybe a little wiser, took a spouse, had children  and gave up a good portion of the recklessness because guess what?  Yes, while maybe you didn’t care if you made it home because you don’t fear your mortality which is great, the others in your “group” do care and “love” is putting their wants & needs above yours.

So when you cross that portal you’re now joining the collective ranks of the thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and loved ones of others like yourself.   You’re no longer the individual Bob Foster, you’re now known as seat 3B in the collective whole of Flight 1234 until you exit the “no reentry” point on the other side.

You ask like Glen Beck, where are my “rights“, I’m an American which somehow makes you that much more special than the rest of the humans on this planet who now your implying should have less rights?  Lest we forget being part of a group or system such as being “American” comes with tradeoffs as in the ultimate sense having “rights” means having no “rights” at all.  For example, if we all had the right to not stop at “red” lights, what would the world be like, would your loved ones feel violated if you were taken from them because someone else perceived their “right” not to “have” to stop above your life?

Here folks it’s no different as if we want to banter about the health effects of back scatter radiation, so be it however the potential of one of these images making it to the internet?  Not valid as guess what folks, you have nothing special, yes nothing that the other half of the world’s population doesn’t have so its only an issue if you make it an issue much like the fervor your children develop to do something you tell them not to do.

Also enjoy the “yea’s” one hears when ultraconservatives use what I call the “Granny & Daughter” clause as why search my Grandmother or 6 year old daughter, how can they be a terrorist?  Come on folks, if you were going to pick a “mule” who better, as god rest my Grandmothers soul she could be talked into just about anything to “help” some kind looking young man in distress and a memory not so good that even the famous “did a stranger give you anything to carry on” question would trip up the foul deed.  The same holds true for your 6 year old daughter as she darts out of your sight for that brief instance only to find that “nice” man with a gift for her that you don’t notice as you’re trying to keep the rest of your three kids in formation while plying the crowds.  Trust me folks, it does happen as there are nasty people out there that want to do you harm, I have firsthand seen Air Marshals in action aboard aircraft high over the Atlantic Ocean .

Then if Mr. Beck’s concern over his privates wasn’t enough, he showed a quick you-tube clip of some want-a-be that decided of her own free will to opt out of the machine because she didn’t like the idea of radiation, which is fair enough however posted this video crying they touched her private parts 4 times, yes four times!

Ok, for those that don’t fly a lot or pay attention to the flying news it’s common for especially women to insert condoms filled with drugs into their body cavities and even swallow them as this is one of the reasons for the machines as it’s no longer guns and knives (metal objects) its C4 plastic explosives which the “Underwear Bomber” had strapped to his groan to appear to be his Testes in order to fool the system which he did.  In short, being touched there 4 times as each side front and back equals four is logical and unfortunately this is a prime spot with easy access for explosive concealment, thus drawing extra review.

There is no question a fine gray line exists in the realm of “personal liberties“, however when people like Mr. Beck use their pulpit to miss-inform, breed contention, and give reality show want-a-be’s 15 minutes of fame all the while devaluing the life’s of millions of other travelers, there is a valid concern as while I’m ok with my mortality, my wife, children and grandchildren will be the ones to pay the price for Mr. Beck’s perceived need of privacy…


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As a strong believer in the fact that "people work for people", it has been a life driver to better to understand the complexities of the various aspects which drive efficiency within this axiom, especially the concepts of leadership. Supporting this, I have been fortunate enough to having experienced this as leader on a global basis over the last decade and half. During this time it has been clear there are three core drivers being Life, Leadership and Economics.
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  1. The Hook says:

    Great question! Wish I had an answer..

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