The Invasion of Europe is Starting…

The Invasion Force...

A recent Economist article titled: “The Danish Armada” caught my attention as a key quote in the story read “The new ships will ply the routes between Asia and Europe, arriving in Europe packed with Chinese-made TVs and fridges but sailing back much lighter” and then goes on to further support this with “they sail form China fully laden and return nearly empty”.   Wow, if Angela Merkel isn’t nervous now, she should be as all she has to do is look over her western shoulder to the United States to see what is headed her way.

As the Danish shipping giant Maersk just placed an order for ten container ships with an option for 20 more, and these are by no means the run of the mill kind known today which ply our seven seas.  These in turn will be the new “Triple-E” class which are slated to carry a mind numbing 18,000 containers which is a whopping 2, 500 more than any ship can carry today!  This number represents a 16% increase in capacity which would be an amazing feat if it were not for the fact  Daewoo was able to do this for 50% less fuel per container! So this all seems good for all involved right, as people in Europe can now benefit even further from the economies provided by Chinese manufactured consumer goods.

Well this is why Angela needs to be looking to the west as the invasion has already happened and the battles are now the legends of popular [culture] business books as the war is over and the Americans have lost.  Here the dollar [USD] has been disseminated and now the fleets as shared in the article are being built to make the trip toward the next conquest on  yet a new continent.

So what was this war you ask and how come we [Americans] didn’t hear of the raging battles taking place on our own shores?  The answer is simple as we stuck our heads in the sand and plunked down those credit cards and kept buy and buying yet again sending those container ships back empty to their ports in the orient to be filled once again.  The result of this is these ships may have returned with empty containers; however their check books where far from the 23.  As these where chocked full of “hard” USD (US Dollars/Green Backs) and one has to ask where did these come from?  Well we borrowed them (dollars) from the same people who are sending the container ships here in a form “economic cannibalism” if you will as we steal from the preverbal Peter to pay his brother Paul.  Thus was born a national debt of a size which most likely will never be able to be paid back.  In fact these people who loaned us the money are getting tired of loaning us more money as they are concerned we wont be able to pay them back.

In fact they are right in their assumptions as the government fired up the ole printing press as we are running out of money!  Yes a folk there is only so much and that’s it, thus this movement toward the European continent is telling as grazing pastures of the United States has been nibbled to the roots and now a deep shade of brown.  So it’s off to greener pastures and a new currency to dominate, so Angela you can’t say you haven’t been warned…

About Joseph Campbell

As a strong believer in the fact that "people work for people", it has been a life driver to better to understand the complexities of the various aspects which drive efficiency within this axiom, especially the concepts of leadership. Supporting this, I have been fortunate enough to having experienced this as leader on a global basis over the last decade and half. During this time it has been clear there are three core drivers being Life, Leadership and Economics.
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