Viral Aspects of One Replaces Many (an iPad story)…

In former days, a nail was a nail and a hammer was a hammer, however in today’s world this has all changed. One of the prime examples is the iPad, as just what is it? Some say it’s a computer, others a book reader, some a TV, it even could be a radio (Pandora) and the list goes on and on. People have hung them in their homes as picture frames, inserted them in their dashboards as a mobile media system, they have even replaced DJ mix boxes at weddings with them and the list just keeps going.

What does this all mean? Simple, we don’t need all the junk we use to! Whoa, if that is the case, what are the people who make and sell us all that junk going to do to earn a living! If this isn’t a major disruptive force then what is? Let’s just take the ebook concept for a minute, as the logger cuts the tree, the truck driver hauls it to the mill, where numerous people work to turn the work to turn the raw tree into pulp. Then, the pulp goes to a paper plant (via truck) where many more people work to turn it into bright white paper, than via truck or train travels to the printing plant, where ink (assume the same manufacturing chain for ink production) is used to print the words and pictures and then the final product [book] is bound and packaged for shipment to the retail stores. Once there (again via truck) is offloaded by stock persons and clerks, stacked onto shelves and sold to the public.

Whoa! Notice none of those activities involved the creation of the soul (content) of the book which is now delivered instantly via a finger gesture on your iPad! Look at all the people this technology has just replaced in one simple and swift movement! What will they do for living in the iPad era? Will you retread a grizzled lumber veteran use to commanding a chain saw to write iPad apps? What about all the folks in the pulp and paper factories, even the truck drivers as society has conditioned workers into a culture of attendance verses performance, what will they do?

Beware that disruptive trends drive faster and quicker than society can adjust to, as America is still reeling from the loss of the steel mills and lucrative auto manufacturing jobs, however in the era of “one is many” we will see a rapidly expanding viral loop which push us far beyond these two rust era migrations had. (this was written and published on an iPad by the way)


About Joseph Campbell

As a strong believer in the fact that "people work for people", it has been a life driver to better to understand the complexities of the various aspects which drive efficiency within this axiom, especially the concepts of leadership. Supporting this, I have been fortunate enough to having experienced this as leader on a global basis over the last decade and half. During this time it has been clear there are three core drivers being Life, Leadership and Economics.
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